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Graue Schwebe

People & Culture Coaching 
by Maike Klinker

Different. Authentic. Positive by choice. 

If you can't change your mind then you're not using it. Olivia Steele

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Business Coaching

Those who know themselves can understand others better and thus become a better leader, a more pleasant partner or a more relaxed parent. A never-ending and exciting journey often begins with coaching, which almost always leads to valuable experiences. 

Why coaching?

  • Goals can be identified and reached

  • Thoughts determine your own reality

  • Self-care and a healthy opportunism is key for happiness

  • Inner peace creates high performance

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I am happy to support you as a systemic and holistic coach. I offer systemic coaching that is concept-based. 

My key topics are:

  • Restructuring & Change: Control, communicate and live the    change

  • Positive Leadership in New Economy (old vs. new economy) 

  • Discovering your own personality & using it: controversy vs. conformity

  • Mindset Work: Thoughts become reality    (Positive Goals, Motivation)

  • Women in leadership positions: female strength as a valuable resource for all

  • Working with the inner & outer team for Executives & Professionals

  • Roots and Wings in the Age of Digital Nomads

  • Diversity & Inclusion

Out of the box into your inner team. Maike Klinker

Business Mentoring

Mentoring & Interim

I bring added value for:

  • Companies and managers with personnel responsibility 

  • Professionals in the field of People & Culture / Human Resources

  • Companies from the renewable energy sector that want to   establish a sustainable management with an appreciative people & culture strategy

How I work:

  • Strengthen your own leadership skills or professional competence

  • Support as a trustworthy partner in the short, medium or long term

  • Positive, resilient, present and future-oriented with clear objectives

  • Hands-on, appreciative & personal with a relationship with the customer

  • Conceptually aligned and with a sustainable strategy

Special events of our time have invariably changed the labor market. The requirements have become more flexible, more sustainable, super fast and more self-determined. Companies who want to cultivate employee loyality must value workplace relationships and culture if they wish to retain their workforce.  


We, together, will find the right concept individually tailored to elevate you. As an experienced HR manager, I also offer interim services in the area of People & Culture, depending on availability.

We rise by lifting others. Robert Ingersoll

People & Culture

Workshops & Trainings

New Work needs new concepts for team and leadership workshops. Traditional trainings in a conference room is no longer

suitable for today's business world.

Although business coaching of managers is today's

standard for leadership competence, strong & communicative team players are crucial needed in our digital age. They should be able to communicate digitally and personally as well as act on the basis of values and principles.

The culture of an organization thrives on the mindset and attitude of the individuals within a company, but equally on collaborative teamwork and understanding of others. For sustainable success, we need purpose and our senses. In everyday business and during leadership trainings.

I design creative, innovative and individually tailored concepts for

team & leadership workshops, offsites or conferences. In doing so, I respond to the needs and look at what is really needed and helps.

Graue Schwebe

My references


Graue Schwebe
über mich.

About me

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Diploma in Social Economics, specializing in Human Resources Management

Experienced HR Manager

15 years of corporate professional experience as an employee and since 2022 as a founder

Experiences in the solar industry

Systemic Coach (German License DCV) 

Spiritual Coach uta (Osho) Academy Cologne

Through professional as well as personal experiences, I have become a master of change and have been able to keep reinventing myself and the right ways of life around me.  My professional stations in the solar industry in particular have had a strong influence on me and my management behaviour. As a single mother, I have often been able to find creative solutions, which ultimately took me further than I ever thought possible. Mindset matters and so I always try to see effort and challenges as an opportunity for my own, personal growth. 

Now I would like to help companies and people to achieve or even exceed their desired goals with understanding, joy and ease. I accompany you with individual questions or over a longer project period outside or within a company.

As a Human Resources Manager with positions in industry and science for international corporations and German medium-sized companies, I know the business world and the associated challenges for specialists and managers from a daily doing.  I am specialized on HR Management, Change, Positive Leadership, Mindset Work, New Economy/New Work and motivation and leadership of employees. 

With content from the holistic area, I expanded my classic business know-how in 2020 with a licensed (DCV) training as a systemic coach at the Uta Institute in Cologne, because I am convinced that the professional world of our time can only be holistic, sustainable & consciously become and remain successful in harmony with the inner and outer team. 



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